How To Choose The Right Baby Carrier

I have been meaning to write this post for a long time just so to help new moms who like me were overwhelmed with the world of baby-wearing jargon. Although there are lot of options when it comes to baby-wearing(BW) in the market, it is always best to go with the one that suits our specific need and comfort. With that in mind, I consolidated different types of carriers and their pros and cons in this article. I hope this was helpful 🙂



My friend introduced babywearing to me when she was taking kangaroo care program at her hospital where they taught her to wrap and wear baby in a cotton saree.  So, Wraps are similar to cotton saree with a long stretch of fabric which requires your expertise in wearing it. Several brands both international (Moby) and local (KolKol, Anmol, Soulslings etc) offers wraps with specific fabric, material and thickness depending on several ergonomic factors. If you are unsure about this method of BW, you can experiment with the cotton saree and see if its suiting your needs before investing in it.


  1. Provides a womb-like environment for newborns.
  2. Kangaroo Care(Skin-Skin contact).
  3. Can experiment different styles.
  4. Can buy it without trying it on.
  5. Easy breastfeeding.


  1. Babies easily outgrow this wrap faster and it cant be used for toddlers.
  2. Branded ones can be over-pricey for a stretch of fabric which you can customize yourself
  3. Hard to tie it up when you got an easily distracted/wiggly baby like mine.
  4. Needs your expertise.

2. Ring Sling


It is a type of baby carrier that forms a pocket around your shoulder fastened with a pair of rings(metal) which is secured with the baby’s weight. This can also be worn in many ways like the wrap but the possibilities are limited as the ring’s position cannot be changed.


  1. Easier to nurse in this than wrap just by changing the position of the rings. Little more privacy as the fabric hanging can be used for extra cover.
  2. Adjusting a baby throughout the day can be easier with this.
  3. It provides good ventillation for babies than wraps.


  1. Not so safe for newborns without head control. It can sag down to their chest which would lead to suffocation.
  2. Since the weight is concentrated only on one shoulder, it can be a huge discomfort for you
  3. This may not make you feel secure.
  4. Difficult to wash.

3. Mei Tai Carrier:


This is a modern adaptation of traditional chinese carrier. Just like SSC, the body panel is slightly padded for the baby’s back support and instead of buckles it is fastened with knots.


  1. You can try a lot of carry styles with investing in a single carrier. Different brands have different varieties of carrier.
  2. Less hardware compared to SSC, soft on babies who have allergies for rough clothing.
  3. It may come with a hood for baby-wearing on sunny days.
  4. No buckle prints on little one’s legs.
  5. Can be carried both front and back.


  1. You will need to practise before you start carrying your baby.
  2. Difficult to wash

4.Soft Structured Carrier/Buckled Carriers:


This is the easiest carrier ever. One has to wear it, secure the buckles, place the baby on the seat, adjust as needed and they are good to go. It reminds me of a open ended schoolbag to carry baby.


  1. Great carrier for using long term.
  2. Sturdy and offers lot of ergonomic support.
  3. Provides a lot of safety


  1. Cannot carry baby on your hip or facing forward.
  2. Not suitable for newborn. They require an insert before placing them.

So these are the ground research I did before getting my Mei Tai carrier and very soon I will update my experience of baby-wearing with it.





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